Connect provides a Message Transfer Agent (MTA) service that can be used by devices and applications to send outgoing email.  Typically you would use an MTA service for printers, scanners, or in-house software for which authenticated SMTP isn’t an option or is otherwise inappropriate.

To protect the MTA service from abuse, we require pre-registration of the device’s IP address.  Only registered devices may use the MTA service.

You can register your device by having your Connect Department Administrator submit a support request.  Be sure to provide your Connect Department Administrator with the IP address of the client system.

Connect Department Administrators: To register a device for the MTA service, submit a Request Connect MTA Service ticket.  (Messaging and Collaboration > Connect Email > Request Connect MTA Service)

Once your device is registered, you’ll want to use the following parameters to configure your system:

  • SMTP server address:
  • Port: 25
  • SSL/TLS: No

You will need to ensure the message is being sent from a valid From address.  Meaning, the address from which messages are sent must be a valid address that you yourself can send a message to.  If you don’t already have a suitable address, your Connect Department Administrator can create either a Delivery Alias or Connect Functional Account.