Google Workspace Email

Google Gmail is the campus-wide email service for UCSB.


Google Workspace Drive

Google My Drive and Shared Drives are distinct offerings that both allow for file storage and real time collaboration.


Google Workspace Calendar

Google Calendar is the campus-wide calendaring service for UCSB.


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Google Workspace Storage Quotas

Google Workspace will be implementing storage quotas in July of 2024.  In order to prepare for this, we will be making several changes to the service beginning in January of 2023, however, customers will not experience any immediate impact.  Please see the project plan for details and review the FAQs.

Google Workspace Chat

Google Workspace Chat is available to Connect customers.  Chat is an instant messaging tool which allows you to chat online with a person or a group of people.

Google Workspace Groups Mailing List

In general, a mailing list provides the ability to send a message to a single email address and have it distributed to multiple recipients.


UCSB Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is the secure authentication service for the campus instance of Connect/Google Workspace.  This affects Gmail, Calendar, Drive and all other Google apps associated with your UCSBnetID account.

Unable to access Google Workspace Account - Former student, staff, or faculty user

Once you are no longer affiliated with campus but still have an active Connect account, you are required to enroll in Google's 2-Step Verification (2SV). 

Google Workspace Transfer Your Content

You do have the ability to transfer your Google Workspace content from your UCSB account to a personal Gmail account.


Guidance for Connect Functional Accounts

Some general guidance for using or sharing Connect Functional Accounts with 2SV enabled.

Delegating Access to Your Account

Connect Google Workspace allows you to delegate access to your email (and/or calendar) so that other people can manage your email and calendar without having to know your password.

Giving your Connect account password out is not recommended.  If you manage Connect functional accounts, you can delegate access to those who require it, on an as needed basis.