Upon separating from campus, you will no longer have an active UCSBNetID and no longer have access to campus services. 

Currently, you may still have access to your UCSB campus Connect account even after becoming separated in Identity.  At this time, policies for deactivating Connect accounts is up to each department.  You can contact your CDA (Connect Department Admin) for information on Connect account deactivation.  Please refer to the CDA list if you're unsure who to contact.

When you have a separated Identity status and an active Connect status, you are required to enroll in Google's 2-Step Verification (2SV).  Upon separating from campus, you'll have a 7-day grace period to enroll in Google's 2SV.  If you fail to enroll within the grace period, you will be locked out of your account.

Each time you sign into your account during those 7 days, you'll be prompted with this message to enroll:

Also see Account Eligibility information.


Preparing your Connect Email for Deactivation

  • Upon separation, set a vacation responder on your Connect/Gmail account alerting people of your departure, providing an alternative way to reach you or a departmental contact if desired.
  • Once your UCSBnetID 7-day grace period ends, your Connect/Gmail account will be deactivated and you will not be able to access Connect/Gmail (or Drive) data.  Be sure to transfer a copy of non-UCSB Gmail and Drive data to a personal account before cancellation occurs using takeout.google.com/transfer.


Preparing your Google Drive for Deactivation

If you own Google docs, forms, sheets, etc., content that is currently being used by individuals at UCSB, or content otherwise owned by the university, make sure to change ownership by moving the files to a Shared Drive.  First share the file, then click "Advanced" to change ownership. 

Likewise, remove or transfer any personal information from Google Drive to a personal account or file storage option. 

Transfer your Connect Google account data using Google Takeout Transfer.

Download your Connect Google account data using Google Takeout.

Connect Lists (Google Groups)

Visit the Manage Lists page to determine whether you need to delete or transfer ownership of mailing lists that you own.  Consider transferring ownership to an individual.