There are 2 types of functional accounts.  There are Identity functional accounts and Connect functional accounts. 

Identity functional accounts

  • Have an associated UCSBNetID
  • Upon login, you're directed to Single Sign-On (SSO) then sent to Duo MFA
  • You require an Identity functional account if you need to use the account to access any campus services that require SSO (IE. Zoom). 

Connect functional accounts

  • Not associated with a UCSBNetID
  • Must be enrolled in Google's 2SV
  • Upon login, you're required to enter a code sent to your device
  • You require a Connect Google Workspace account if you need to use the account for Google services only (Email, Calendar, Drive, etc.)  

Your CDA can create a Connect functional account and assign the sponsor for the account.    The Sponsor is the individual who is responsible for managing that functional account and securing the credentials.  They also responsible for setting up those who need access to the Inbox, Calendar, and Drive files.

Once a Connect functional account is created, the Sponsor can:

Transferring the Sponsor of a Connect Functional Account

If the sponsor leaves the department or is no longer responsible for the Connect Functional Account, the CDA can update the Sponsor field and reset the password to the account.  The new credentials can then be provided to the new sponsor.  Those who have delegated access, will not lose access to the account.